Friday, April 26, 2013

Suitcase Stories: On road trips, Italy, and one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten…

So in the spirit of preparing for a long period of travel and adventure, I’ve decided to share a handful of travel stories from past trips afar… little tidbits that over time have come to impact both how I travel and how I view the “art of exploration”, if you will.  I’m sure a few themes will present themselves… road trips, incredible strangers, phenomenal food, and doing things on a whim.  And perhaps they’ll be a bit entertaining as well.  Enjoy J


It was after an international ultimate frisbee tournament in Rimini, Italy, called Paganello, that I found myself in a tiny (yet spacious) rental car with three other Americans and a Brit, en route to the Amalfi Coast.  Our only rule of the trip:  we can’t decide where we’re going until we get in the car.  This trip would prove the basis for all future road trips, pretty much in life. 

After setting out from Siena one evening, we knew we wanted to venture towards Pompeii, but we weren’t exactly sure where to stay the night.  Our guidebooks indicated that Pompeii can be a bit… skeazy… at night.  So, we wouldn’t stay there.  Perhaps Naples?  Same conclusion.  We consulted our maps and spotted a “medium sized dot” in between Naples and Pompeii.  Surely that would be okay! 

A highway stop along the Amalfi Coast a bit further south from where this story took place, circa 2005.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scary Decisions and Hidden Fees

I knew that planning a RTW trip would take some work, but after a couple of years of compiling exactly where I wanted to go, the big things I wanted to see, the timeframes of when I wanted to be where, I had conveniently put off some of the big scary decisions and planning.  Except guess what?  Now I actually have to think about all of that stuff...