Thursday, August 22, 2013

Everything will work out in the end...

A lesson I've tried to remind myself of over the years is, 'everything has a tendency to work out...'  Event if it's not quite how you pictured it.  Travel has a tendency to take your nice expectations of how things will or should go, and flip them on their pretty little heads.  And despite much flailing of arms and gnashing of teeth, I find myself trying to close my eyes, take a deep breath, surrender control, and let it be what it is, trusting that it will all work out in the end.

One such moment came when I found myself sitting on the floor of the Copenhagen Airport, waiting to see when or where I would be flying out and to...

I was visiting my close friend Sarah, who had been sent to Denmark for four months for work.  After two weeks of wandering Copenhagen and jetting around to nearby countries for a few days apiece, we went out for a big night of drinking to celebrate my imminent departure.  Also, my 29th birthday.  Being a responsible, frequent traveler, I packed my things and checked into my flight earlier that day.  All I would have to do is make it to the airport and print my boarding pass.  Easy.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The leap.

Have you ever been skydiving?

Most people who go skydiving say, "man, what a rush!" and cite the adrenaline dump as the best part of the jump.  I don't skydive for the rush.  In fact, I hate the rush.  It's the worst part of the experience.

I skydive for two things:

  1. the view
  2. the feeling of complete weightlessness

This trip is very much like skydiving.  When you're on the ground, it's easy to be confident.  You know what to expect, in terms of how the dive will progress.  You'll go over safety regulations, sign some paperwork, suit up, climb into the plane, ascend to the appropriate point, get strapped into your 'guide' if you will, the door opens, you scoot to the door, you roll out, you fall, the chute opens, and you sail down to the ground.  The thing is, you know exactly what is supposed to happen, but you have no idea how it will feel.