Monday, February 24, 2014

Quick Update

Hi everyone!  I want to first apologize for the lack of recent updates.  Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed a few weeks ago, so updating the blog and sharing and editing photos became rather difficult and put me (even further) behind.  Thankfully, I found myself in an English-speaking country with a very convenient repair shop for long enough to  have it repaired, and I'm back up and running.  Hopefully I can knock out quite a bit of writing and editing over the next few weeks to make up for my absence and get caught up!  I still have a few stories to tell about South America, and as you can see below, I'm working on a handful of European adventures as well.  You can also check out my Facebook page for more up-to-date photos and quick updates on my travels.  Thanks for your patience!

RTW European Route - In Progress

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